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Flexible work schedule.Whether you need a few extra dollars part-time, or something more. Choose a couple jobs a week, or a few a day. There is no limit.“I like that I can choose jobs based on my availability and location, easily accept them and add them to my calendar. It’s really easy."
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Simple, Quick and Easy.Everything is done through the Purify Pros –a state of art app. No timesheets or emails to send. Your mobile app and mop are all you need.“I love that Purify Pros handles the customer calls, booking and payments for me. It’s a high-tech device that is with you everywhere you go. You’ll definitely be glad you joined.”


  • You must have an Android or iOS smart phone
  • You need to have cleaning supplies; View our recommended list
  • You must be authorized to work in the country
  • You must pass a background check
  • You will need to accept payments via a bank account


Purify Pros platform is a mobile app for Android and iOS that allows you to quickly find cleaning jobs in your area. A new job can be found in the Open Jobs section of our mobile application.

The job can be accepted and automatically added to a cleaning professional’s calendar. By accepting a job a cleaning professional is entering into an agreement to provide the service requested and to the satisfaction of the service requestor.

After the service is performed a service requestor will provide a rating of the service provided. To maintain the integrity of the platform, professionals that accept and fail to provide the services requested may be suspended.
The Purify Pros app can be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store (Android) or the App Store (iOS). Get it today and get started making money right away, in your own neighborhood.
Have a question not answered in this FAQ? Having trouble on a Job? You can reach support by visiting our Contact page in the Job Details section of the app, or calling 732-993-9007.
  1. A service requester books a job on the Purify Pros web or mobile platform.
  2. You receive a mobile notification for jobs in your area that match your availability. You may also view jobs in your area that match your availability under the Open Jobs section.
  3. You agree to perform a job after thoroughly reviewing the job details and clicking the “Accept” button. After accepting, all details including full address and job notes will available in the My Jobs section.
  4. The day before the actual service you will need to confirm that you will be there by clicking the “Confirm” button in the Job Details section. The “Confirm” button must be clicked by 5:00 p.m. the day before the actual job, or the job will be removed from your calendar and reassigned.As a reminder a mobile notification will be sent.You may contact support or the service requester at any time on the “Contact” page in Job Details sections. Reasons for contacting may include:
    •         I’m late
    •         Can’t find the address
    •         I’m by the door, customer is not opening
    •         Other
  5. You complete the work and click the “I’m Done” button.
  6. The customer reviews your work and rates it in our platform.
  7. Every Tuesday, you get paid directly to your bank account!
Jobs are primarily booked by people looking for their home/apartment to be cleaned.

Job types include:
  • By amount of bedrooms and bathrooms- Example: 2 bedroom 2 bathroom
  • By the square footage- Example:2500 sq foot
  • By the hour - Example: 2 hours ( 1 maid )

Add-ons might include:
  • Attic
  • Basement
  • Drop-Off Dry Cleaning
  • Flowers - Mixed bouquet (includes selection & arrangement, vase not included)
  • Half Bathroom
  • Hourly Services (additional hours with invoice) +1 hour
  • Inside Cabinets
  • Inside Fridge
  • Interior Walls
  • Interior Windows
  • Ironing (up to 6 items)
  • Laundry Wash & Dry (per load)
  • Organize Closets

Job Payout will be calculated based on the size of the job, included add-ons, and day/time of the service.
Yes. We need to be able to locate you when you use the Purify Pros app at times immediately before and after a job. This is to provide our support team with information in the event you are late or absent.

When you install the app, it will ask for all needed permissions, so be sure to answer YES. If you’re having problems then make sure the following settings are correct on your phone before you get started:

Check that Location Settings are on – your phone may not match it exactly. Contact your phone manufacturer if you need assistance:

How to: Enable GPS and Other Location Services [Beginners’ Guide]

For best results, please make sure that all location services options in your phone are enabled (usually there are three).

1) Go to your iPhone Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Make sure Location Services is ON, and then scroll down to Purify Pros and make sure it is marked ON as well.

Purify Pros is not currently available on any other devices besides iPhone and Android smartphones.
All the payouts will be automatically transferred to your bank account every Tuesday of the week. You will need to provide your bank account during the registration process.

All payments are securely processed from the customer through Stripe – the leading payments provider with advanced fraud protection.Please go to for more information.
You will be required to obtain, at your own expense, the tools, equipment, supplies and other materials necessary to perform the services. Recommended supplies for cleaning are available on our website at Purify Pros may provide to you apparel or a form of identification. You will have no obligation to wear or display the apparel, or other form of identification.
Each professional has a performance ratingstrictly based on the service requestor’s opinion. Based on surveys, the following factors lead to positive ratings:
  • positive attitude
  • professional appearance
  • promptness of arrival
  • grade “A” supplies/equipment
  • quality of service
  • review/verification from the service requestor
The higher performance rating you get the more chances you have towards personal requests and extra tips.